What to Expect with Partial Dentures

As we all know, it is important, for both aesthetic and functional reasons, to have a full set of pearly white teeth. Sometimes circumstances have led to gaps in your smile left by missing or broken teeth. In these types of situations, our professional dentists at Family Dentistry may recommend a custom designed set of partial dentures.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are simply replacement teeth (custom fit to your mouth) which are affixed to pink or gum-colored plastic bases. Because our partial dentures experts design each set of new dentures to fit the precise measurements of each patient’s mouth, you can rest assured that they will look and feel natural.

You may be wondering why it would be necessary to fill those gaps, especially if they do not show when you smile or you are happy with the aesthetics of your smile. Partial dentures provide support to your cheeks and lips and allow for normal oral functioning such as chewing and speaking.

What Should I Expect with Partial Dentures?

Getting used to wearing dentures (full or partial) can be a tough transition, but our friendly staff and professional dentists at Family Dentistry are here to help you through it and give you all the information you need to adjust more quickly.

What Do Partial Dentures Feel Like?

Partial dentures, while fully customized, may still feel bulky or uncomfortable at first. This is perfectly normal. You are not accustomed to having something foreign attached to your teeth, so there will be a short adjustment period. It’s the same if you ever had to wear a retainer after getting braces removed or using a mouthguard to play a sport.

By practicing removing and inserting the dentures, you will begin to feel more comfortable to the point that they simply feel like your natural teeth. To speed up the adjustment process, we recommend you wear them as much as possible, even at night.

How To Clean and Care For Your Partial Dentures

Just like your regular teeth, you will want to make sure you clean and properly care for your partial dentures on a daily basis. We recommend brushing with a mild hand soap or dishwashing liquid rather than regular toothpaste which can be overly abrasive on the dentures.

While brushing them, do so over a towel or sink filled with water just in case you drop them. When you go to bed or will have them out for an extended period of time, place them in a glass of water to keep them moist so they retain their shape.

Contact Our Dentures Experts

If you have several missing teeth and are considering investing in dentures, contact our dental professionals. Our dentists have the knowledge, skills, and experience to give you our best recommendation for your particular dental situation and help you through the entire process. Call us today to schedule an appointment and discuss our full line of family and cosmetic dentistry services.

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